Is it preferred to sell your unused gold ornaments or go for a gold loan?

  • By Ruptok
  • January 27th, 2022
Get Instant Gold Loan

When one needs money and is unclear of what to do, the question of selling gold or getting a gold loan comes up. Must I sell my gold? among the inquiries that go through our heads. There are many similar questions, such as whether I will get the greatest price for my gold or whether I should take a gold loan.

When using gold, it is usually smart to apply for a gold loan. The most fundamental explanation is that when you sell your gold jewellery, you merely receive payment for the item itself and forfeit the producing charges, which account for a sizeable portion of the total cost of jewellery purchase.

The costs associated with producing the gold are not considered when a jeweller purchases it from a consumer. Here, one’s emotions and thoughts come into play as they start to ponder how long it will be before they can buy the gold jewellery again. As the price of gold rises, its significance increases significantly.

Reasons to choose Gold Loan

When you apply for a gold loan, the loan provider will only look at the quantity and quality of your gold jewellery when approving the loan amount, which will depend on your demands or the gold scheme you choose. ensuring that your gold is safe and that you can get it back once the payment has been processed. By eliminating the stress of selling your gold jewellery and then being unable to buy it soon after, you will thereby save time, energy, and money. If you take the loan, you will pay far less interest, your belongings will be protected, and you will have very simple and straightforward payment options.

Gold Loan Characteristics

Higher Loan Amount: Compared to Personal Loans, Gold Loans usually have a higher maximum loan amount cap. Personal loans of up to Rs.40 lakh are available from most banks and financial organisations, whereas gold loans of up to Rs.5 crore are available from lending institutions. Gold loans are a good option if you require a more considerable borrowing.

  • No Credit History Is Required: With gold loans, you don’t have to be concerned about your credit score because banks don’t consider your credit history. Before taking a gold loan, you are usually not obliged to disclose any current loans or debt obligations.
  • Low-Interest Rates: Generally, gold loans have a lower interest rate than personal loans, meaning that gold loans are less expensive than other loan types. You will also be required to repay the loan with less money from your pocket.
  • Repayment Flexibility: Unlike other types of loans, gold loans provide various repayment options. The three most typical repayment choices are as follows:
  • Options for regular EMIs or
  • Pay only the interest during the loan term and the remaining balance at the end, or
  • Pay the interest and loan balance after the term, with no payments made in the meantime.

Terms and conditions for gold loan

  • The customer must be at least 18-60 years old.
  • The customer must provide gold jewellery of a specific karat value and weight, which will be accepted based on the gold rates of that day and the current market price.
  • The customer must provide their photo identification, including an Indian passport, voter ID card, photo credit card with signature, or driving licence issued by the government of India.
  • Only legal tender is accepted in payment of loans; if you cannot pay your loan within 30 days, you must provide further collateral to purchase additional time to repay your loan (up to 45 days).

Get paid in cash for your gold at a low-interest rate.

A gold loan is an attractive option to leverage your possessions and receive some immediate cash in an emergency. However, because you’re placing your money at risk, it’s critical to find the best possible interest rate. The MCLR determines the interest rate on a gold loan (Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate). Market conditions, cost of money, operating costs, and other factors all play a role. The effective interest rate at Ruptok starts at 0.49 percent per month. That’s one of India’s lowest! You choose to repay your loan in EMIs or pay the total outstanding amount in one or two months, whichever option is most convenient for you.

This makes Ruptok one of India’s leading gold loan acquiring services. Our efforts put together with the trust and support of our customers has aligned us in the direction of growth and will permit us to revamp the existing gold loan sector into a simplified platform with accessibility to all.